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Hello and welcome to Pachter’s Pointers: Business Etiquette Tips and Career Suggestions, the official blog for Pachter & Associates. I am Barbara Pachter.

It took me awhile to enter the blogosphere, but upon request from clients, I am finally here. After more than 20 years of teaching business etiquette and writing eight books on the topic, I still have a surplus of information to share.

I am looking forward to keeping you updated with tips for business success, examples of smart career moves and business blunders, and advice for your career that battles the current economy’s lows and woes.

My goal is to blog at least once a week. Check back frequently or subscribe to become your own expert on business etiquette and communication.

My next post is about tips for job hunting when times are tough. You may have seen me discussing this topic on Comcast CN8 a couple of weeks ago. I received a lot of good feedback after the broadcast, so I thought it would be good one to share with you. Enjoy.


  1. Barbara,

    As a long-time admirer of Pachter & Associates, I am pleased to see this blog.

    Best wishes,

  2. Barbara,

    I echo Joe's sentiments. Best of luck with this,
    and let me know if you need any technical/creative assistance!



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