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Joining a Professional Association: Is It Worth It? Yes!

By Brianna Rozzi, Pachter & Associates Intern and Guest Blogger

With busy schedules and a tight economy, it might seem unnecessary to join a professional association in your industry. But do not be fooled, professional associations have much to offer to further your career.

Network. Through meetings and events, you are able to network with other people in your industry. Find out what’s going on in the industry through word of mouth and make connections that can be useful throughout your career.

Be recognized for your achievements. Many organizations recognize businesses and individuals for their best practices and accomplishments. This is a great way to get you or your business publicity and attention in your industry. News travels fast and the people you work with as well as prospective clients can catch wind of the news.

Catch up on new practices. New techniques enter your industry? Don’t understand social media? Professional associations have local chapters that hold monthly meetings and regional and annual conferences that discuss current practices as well as emerging trends.

The Trade Publication. Most professional associations have a trade publication that is distributed to the entire membership, providing up-to-date information or research about your profession

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