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Tis’ the Season for Office Parties

A young man got drunk at his holiday party, cursed out his boss and got fired on the spot. The next day he couldn’t understand why his badge didn’t work. He had gotten fired and had no recollection of it!

With the holiday season upon us, many people will have the opportunity to attend holiday events and office parties. Although a time to celebrate and relax, how you behave at these business social events can impact your career.

Follow these 5 simple guidelines to successfully navigate your holiday event or office party.

1. Attend and mingle. Attendance at the company holiday party isn’t optional. Your absence will be noticed, and most likely, noted by your boss and other higher ups. Talk to people you know and don’t know. The person that you meet at the party may ultimately be the person that will be interviewing you for your next job.

2. Dress appropriately. It may be a party, but it’s still business. Nothing too short, too low, too tight or too anything.

3. Do not get drunk. To stay sober set a limit for yourself before you go to the party. It is much easier to limit your intake that way. Or, order a drink you don’t like and sip it slowly all night. Remember it is really easy to lose control if you have had too much to drink.

4. Pay attention to your body language. Even if the party is dull, it is bad manners to let others see how bored you are. Don’t frown, slouch, cross arms or yawn.

5. Don’t say anything negative about the party on your social media sites. This also means no posting of any unflattering photos of people on Facebook or sending tweets about someone’s unbecoming behavior.

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