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Why Business Etiquette?

For my first blog for 2010, I wanted to share a question recently asked of me by a journalist for a major business publication. She was questioning why I need to teach business etiquette and why I write my blog on the topic. She said, “Business etiquette is not rocket science. Don't people know this stuff?”

I responded, “Yes, it's true business etiquette is not rocket science, but it is an invaluable skill set.”

And it is a skill set that not everybody knows: Good manners are not alway taught at home, and even when they are, new guidelines are always appearing since business etiquette evolves with the times. Think about the Blackberry or even e-mail. Your mothers could not have taught you to be polite using them, these items didn't exist when most of us were growing up.

It is also a skill set that not everyone practices: Even when people know good manners, they don't always use them or use them consistently.

So as we enter 2010, I will continue to teach and write about business etiquette. I believe that knowing and practicing good business etiquette can be helpful to you and your career. Feel free to share your experiences on this blog. We can learn from each other.

Happy New Year!

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