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One Man’s Journey To Career Success

My husband sent me the link on YouTube about the Philadelphia Eagles’ new Defensive Coordinator, Coach Juan Castillo. He encourages me to use sport stories in my classes, but some examples are better than others.

This time my husband was right. The short video tells the story of Juan’s humble beginnings to his success in the NFL. And his story has a great message for sport fans…and businesspeople. But please don’t tell my husband. It will go to his head!

During the video, the importance of working hard is stressed several times:

• Castillo said, “How did I do it? I worked my butt off, slept in cars to meet people.”

• Andy Reid, (current Eagles Head Coach) said, “Nobody works harder in National Football League than Juan Castillo.”

• Jon Gruden (a former Eagles coach) said, “I used to take pride in getting in there at 3:17 in the morning, Juan’s in there at 3:03. The guy worked his butt off.”

• Towards the end of the video, Castillo summed it up when he said, “When you work hard…good things happen.”

Are you working as hard as Juan Castillo? Do you want to advance in your career? Consider these 7 suggestions if you want to move ahead:

1. Finish your degree. Many people have told me they wished they hadn’t stopped their studies. If time is an issue, consider online courses. If you have your bachelor’s, think about getting your master’s.

2. Set career goals. If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there. (The Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland) Work towards what you want. You can always change your mind, but knowing where you are going keeps you focused.

3. Work hard. This seems obvious, but people don’t always give 100%. Go the extra mile and be persistent.

4. Become an expert. Build an area of expertise. Develop your niche. Be the person that people seek out for advice and suggestions. You want to be recognized as a knowledgeable resource.

5. Stay current. Read your professional journals and newsletters. Attend training to update your skills. Stay abreast of any new technology. Get involved in your professional associations. You will build your network and find out what’s happening in your field.

6. Volunteer for assignments. Help others when you can. Offer to write articles for your company’s and/or association’s newsletters. Look for speaking opportunities within your organization, community or professional associations. You will get known for these efforts.

7. Find a mentor/mentor others. Mentors help you grow in your career. And when you mentor others, you expand your professional network and strengthen your role as an expert. (See my blog: Become a Mentor: It’s a Two-Way Street, January 24, 2011.)

You can watch the video and let me know what your think:

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