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Outshine the Competition: The 3 Ps for Success

Recently I read an article in The Philadelphia Inquirer about Howie Roseman, the new General Manager of the Philadelphia Eagles. The headline, His Perseverance Paid Off. The GM…was relentless in his efforts to be hired and heard, reinforced my belief that there are three key characteristics or qualities for success in business and in life. I call them the three Ps: Perseverance, Personality and Polish.

Perseverance. The dictionary defines perseverance as steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose …especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement. In other words you don’t give up and you find ways around roadblocks.

Personality. Be an outgoing, friendly person, whether it comes naturally to you or not. Make an effort to greet people, find time for small talk and mingle at business and business-social events. Help others when you can.

Polish. You want to look confident and credible. You dress like a professional and practice good grooming. You stand tall, your body language is open, and you look people in the eye. You walk into a room like you belong there, because you do!

Of course, your smarts are important, but mastering the three Ps will help you outshine the competition. Fortunately the three Ps involve a number of skills that can be mastered. What skills do you need to develop? Take some time for honest reflection. It may be time to go back to school, attend some training, read a book or find a mentor.

(This article originally ran as the President’s message in my newsletter. Since we received many positive comments on the article, it is reprinted here. )

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