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Another Clothing Milestone: Has Pantyhose Disappeared From The Workplace?

It's just too hot. I have given up wearing pantyhose. Is that okay?

As the summer approaches, I am often asked that question as more businesses have embraced casual dress policies, and many women have stopped wearing hose.

The answer on whether to wear or not to wear pantyhose is complicated. Hosiery provides a more finished look, and you wouldn’t wear a conservative business suit without hose. Yet in today’s business casual environment, wearing pantyhose is not always necessary.

Women need to understand the importance of projecting a professional image, and then determine what’s suitable for them and their workplace. Here are four items to consider:

• If you are wearing pants or a pantsuit to the office, your legs are not exposed and the question of whether to wear hose or not becomes moot.

• Your legs need to be in good conditions to pull off not wearing hosiery. If you have blemishes, scars or varicose veins, pantyhose will diminish their appearance. Also consider the contrast between your skin color and your clothing. If there is a lot of contrast, you will be drawing attention to your legs. Pantyhose can diminish the contrast.

• During the summer people tend to be very casual with their clothing choices. Wearing pantyhose will not fix an outfit that should never be worn to the workplace. Keep belly shirts, shorts, and see-through tops at home.

• Consult your company’s dress code. Your company or job may require them.


  1. Anonymous6/06/2011

    You are a voice crying out in the wilderness. Thanks for another courageous post.

    Barbara Morris

  2. Point made succintly, on time and on target.


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