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Another Clothing Milestone: Has Pantyhose Disappeared From The Workplace?*

It's just too hot. I have given up wearing pantyhose. Is that okay?

As the summer approaches, I am often asked that question. More businesses have embraced casual dress policies, and many women have stopped wearing hose.

The answer is complicated. Hosiery provides a more finished look, and you wouldn’t wear a conservative business suit without hose. Yet in today’s business casual environment, wearing pantyhose is not always necessary.

Women need to understand the importance of projecting a professional image, and then determine what’s suitable for them and their workplace. Here are five items to consider:

If you are wearing pants or a pantsuit to the office, your legs are not exposed and the question of whether or not to wear hose becomes moot.

Your legs need to be in good condition to pull off not wearing hosiery. If you have blemishes, scars or varicose veins, pantyhose will diminish their appearance. Also consider the contrast between your skin color and your clothing. A stark contrast will draw attention to your legs. Pantyhose can diminish the contrast.

• Wearing pantyhose will not fix an outfit that should never be worn to the workplace. During the summer people tend to be very casual with their clothing choices. Keep belly shirts, shorts, and see-through tops at home.

Is your skirt an appropriate length? If your skirt is very short, bare legs create a very sexy and inappropriate look for the workplace.

Consult your company’s dress code. Your company or job may require the wearing of hosiery.

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*This is a reposting of last year’s blog on this topic with some additions. I continue to be asked often about pantyhose in the workplace.


  1. Anonymous5/08/2012

    I hope it is over. It is vain (sorry the pun). It is environmentally wasteful. It is uncomfortable and thus counterproductive. It is just silly. I do know a woman who forces her female employees to wear pantyhose. I would not work for such a company. I have not worn any with skirts or dresses in my 25 year career.

  2. Anonymous5/08/2012

    I applaud the beautiful sheers and funky patterns. Even young women in the workplace look sloppy or worse without hose. Anyone over the age of 21 -- hey, if you wouldn't go to work without makeup on, then you shouldn't wear a skirt or dress to the office without pantyhose.

  3. Anonymous5/15/2012

    From A Reader:
    I recommend keeping the pantyhose. They are not thick like tights so I'm not sure why you are hot in them. A woman looks more put together when she wears hose. I'm pro hose.

  4. Anonymous5/22/2012

    From a Reader:
    I believe dress for success is the most appropriate in the workplace, and remaining professional in dress and dialect at all times is the key to success. I agree with many of the key points you added when it is ok not to wear pantyhose. I am one who hates pantyhose, but if I am out on an occasion where it is black tie, then I decide to tolerate the pantyhose for the moment. Great Post!

  5. Stockings give the legs a finish. Bare legs with dressier fashion and occasions do not carry off the lovely clothes like stockings do. I cannot see putting on a dressy outfit or cocktail dress without stockings. For me, something is missing.
    Most of the women on TV sporting bare legs would look 100% better; not have the "shine" or boney knees; with a pair of stockings.
    An executive female should wear stockings at work, and also not sport toes hanging out like at the beach.

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  7. I'm too indecisive when it comes to wearing pantyhose. At times it's uncomfortable. I think it has become one of the factors added to describe how professional one lady can be. Especially for job interviews, what we wear reflects to our employers.

  8. Anonymous4/20/2013

    They're going out because younger generations of women no longer find them necessary. They either go bare legged or out in pants. It's actually getting odd to see a woman in pantyhose these days.

    Meanwhile sales of pantyhose for men are going up. They buy them online and wear them under pants or in other ways. The culture seems to be shifting. It's becoming a fashion statement for men to wear them. They're being encouraged to put them on. Women are lucky now, they get to cast them aside. I'm sure most of them won't mind. They've had their "run" in pantyhose long enough.

    Let guys worry about shaving their legs and the runs now. Its their turn.

  9. I love to wear maxi dresses in parties when going with friends. My favourite colour is red and pink.


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